Just thought I'd share some links to popular Fibro websites and blogs out there. If there's one thing all fibro fighters have in is that we have to dig for information on how to cope, manage and LIVE despite our fibro symptoms.

Managing my Fibromyalgia
Men with Fibro
Mayo Clinic - Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia - Treatment
Fibromyalgia Network
The Fibromyalgia Experiment
Women and Fibromyalgia
FMS Community
Fibro Center
WebMD - Fibromyalgia Health Center
American Family Physician - Treating Fibromyalgia
Fibro and Fatigue
Fibro Coalition
ProHealth: Fibromyalgia
eMedicineHealth: Fibromyalgia
H.O.P.E. - Healing our Pain & Exhaustion
Living with Fibromyalgia

New York Fibromyalgia Association
Fibromyalgia Association of Houston
Fibromyalgia Information Foundation
The American Fibromyalgia SyndromeAssociation
National Fibromyalgia Research Association
National Fibromyalgia Association
CFIDS Association of America

Chronicles of Fibromyalgia
Plaid Rabbit
Life Interrupted
Chronic Babe
Learning to Trust
Shauna's Life in Pain
My Life with Fibro
Fibro and Fabulous
Fibro Hope

International Sites:
UK Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia Association UK
ENFA - For More European Awareness of Fibromyalgia

Please let me know if there are any sites, associations, blogs, etc. that I should be sure to add to this page. My goal is to provide people with all the tools necessary to cope, manage and LIVE with their Fibromyalgia symptoms.

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