Monday, June 18, 2012

Chicken BLT Salad -- YUMMY!!

With the temperature hoovering around 90 and the dew point around 60 here in the Twin Cities today, I decided it was just too warm to even go stand over the grill to cook something for dinner. So, I stopped by the grocery store on my way home from work and picked up the ingredients for my Chicken BLT salad that my husband absolutely loves!

I came up with this combination a couple weeks ago after craving a BLT but trying to keep with my low carb (refined and sugars) diet. So, I figured out a way to put it in a bowl without the bread, but with all the delicious flavors!

Mmmmm...such a yummy twist on the BLT comfort food - great for a hot summer day!

The basic ingredients - torn/chopped rotisserie chicken with the classic bacon, lettuce, tomato - and you can't have a salad without some cheese and dressing!!

I start by chopping up three ripe roma tomatoes and adding them to a large mixing bowl

Next comes the fresh lettuce...yup, clean and chop up a whole head!

Throw the lettuce in the bowl with the tomatoes...already starting to make my mouth water!!

Next, dump in the bacon pieces (pre-cooked or fresh and crumbled at home)
...everything's better with bacon!!

Make the dressing with a couple tablespoons of mayo, a teaspoon or so of fat free half & half and a couple packets of splenda with fiber

Add your dressing and toss until the lettuce, tomatoes and bacon are evenly coated.

It'll look something like this. If you want, you can stop here and enjoy, or continue on to the cheese and chicken for a bit more flavor!!

Add in about a cup of shredded cheese and about a cup and a half of shredded chicken and toss until evenly coated/mixed...


Chicken BLT Salad

1 head iceberg lettuce
3 roma tomatoes
1 package oscar mayer bacon pieces
1 cup shredded cheese (whichever you prefer - I used marble jack)
1 1/2 cups shredded rotisserie chicken (chilled)

Chop up the tomatoes and roma tomatoes, add the bacon pieces and toss with the dressing (see below). Add shredded cheese and shredded chicken and toss until well coated - ENJOY!!

3/4 cup mayo
3 packets splenda with fiber
1-2 teaspoons fat free half & half (adjust for consistency preferred)

Mix mayo, spenda and half & half together until smooth - you may choose to add a bit more or less half & half depending on your preferred consistency for the dressing.

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