Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Food of the Week

I seem to have been absent for at least a week...apparently I was just so busy, or my fibro fog was thicker than I thought...that what I thought was only a couple days turned into two weeks! Sorry about that folks!! Anyways, since I seem to have completely skipped a week, I'll start this week with a new Food of the Week. One of my favorite baking mixes...Betty Crocker GF Yellow Cake Mix.

I have found that I am able to create GF versions of so many tasty desserts with this one box of yellow cake mix. I should probably note that I am not much of a baker (mostly because I don't want all those sweets around the house or I'll eat them all!!), but when I do decide to do some baking - usually for holidays and such - I turn to the wonderful GF Betty Crocker mixes. I have made (successfully may I add), layered carrot cake and sugar cookies with this mix and it's just wonderful. I've been wanting to make a bunch of other things, but just haven't had the right event to bring them to. Hopefully the summer (and all the get togethers that come with it) allow for some baking to try out more of the delicious recipes on the Betty Crocker website (and no, I'm not a promoter of Betty Crocker - only of ways to enjoy GF versions of my favorite goodies)!!

Make sure you check out some of the awesome recipes on Betty's website - please share with me successes you've had with her yellow cake mix or any of the others!!

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