Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Food of the Week

A couple months ago I happened to find a LARGE variety of Gluten Free Bob's Red Mill flours and mixes, so, I picked up some pizza crust mix, cornbread mix and shortbread cookie mix. Since I haven't ever really been a huge fan of plain shortbread cookies, and I've been craving lemon bars, I searched out a recipe and found a fantastic Strawberry Lemon bar recipe that uses a shortbread cookie crust on the bottom. So, I'm sharing this wonderful mix with all of you (I'll be posting the outcome of the Strawberry Lemon bars soon)!

I've been so impressed lately at the quality of the gluten free products available now. It was only a couple short years ago that I decided to go gluten free after reading on some FB group posts that it helped some people with their symptoms. At that time there were only people here and there that had taken the plunge to manage their Fibro symptoms, but today, there are a lot of group conversations as well as blogs and articles that discuss how effective it can be for some people. It's not known why exactly gluten affects the symptoms of Fibro, much like they don't know what causes the the symptoms to begin with, BUT, what we do know is that for some reason it helps. And really, if something so simple and natural helps, I don't need an explaination of why it helps. I just need to remain committed and LIVE my life!

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