Thursday, February 28, 2013

Beef with Ginger

In recent months I've become a HUGE fan of Pinterest and the fabulous recipes I've been able to find on there. I'm one of those people that prefers a picture with a recipe (so I can see what I'm going to be eating) - apparently I need the visual of the food before I can decide that I want to take the time to try making something new - crazy, I know! So, that is why Pinterest and all the amazing recipes on there have become like an electronic cookbook heaven for me - and bless my husbands soul, he's willing to try anything I find and decide to take a crack at - no matter how crazy or weird it sounds.

Today's creation was delicous!! I happened across the recipe from the new "pinner" MyPlate Recipes - which is the new "Partnership for a Healthier America". I actually like that they have some health recipes to add to Pinterest...there are SOOO many dessert recipes out there that it is nice to find some of the good stuff once in a while too :)

So, today's dinner was Beef with Ginger - provided on Pinterest by - it was SOOO good - and actually quite easy to make. Since I usually wait until I make something a second or third time before sharing on here, I don't have any of my own pictures of our dinner - it was gobbled up as quickly as it was made! Here's the picture provided by the website with the recipe...looks yummy - huh!?!

You can simply click on the picture above to go directly to the recipe to try it for yourself!! ENJOY!! Oh - and if you have Gluten Free soy sauce in your house, you can make this completely Gluten Free :)

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