Friday, May 18, 2012

Fibro and Facebook

As I'm sitting at home today (sick with a cold), I decided to finally start that Facebook (FB) page I've been thinking about starting. I get so frustrated reading so many of those posts by some folks where all they do is complain about their aches and pains. I know, and I understand that we have to deal with them all day every day (to some extent depending on the severity for each person), BUT in order to LIVE with fibromyalgia, I feel like I need to put dwelling on the aches and pains to the side and focus on how to manage them and LIVE my life.

My hope is that this FB page will be a place for people to gather to share natural remedies and lifestyle changes to ease symptoms. If you look at your Fibro and life in that life, please join me at to share what works and some of the crazy things we try and find don't work.

I am one of those Fibro fighters who has gone Gluten Free (GF) to ease my pain and fatigue symptoms, my goal with this blog is to start sharing some of the ways I've found to change my favorite foods over to GF and some foods that I had never considered eating before going GF that me and my husband couldn't live without now!

Let's live life! :)

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Have a pain free, wide awake, full of energy sort of day!! :)