Monday, May 28, 2012

Camping...Fibro Style

My husband and I welcomed in the Memorial Day weekend...and the start of summer camping season with a new pop-up camper. I can't even begin to tell you how much easier camping with fibro is when you aren't sleeping on the ground, have a fridge, stove and sink to make "real" food, and are able to regulate the temperature when you sleep! I was in heaven compared to past camping trips!

I (as I've mentioned before) have been gluten free for quite some time, and I've found that camping for a weekend in a tent makes sticking to my gluten free diet a bit more difficult...but this weekend was much more enjoyable. I was happy to be able to make the foods I need to eat and to have heat at night when it got too cool out for me to sleep well. I did find out though - since we just purchased the camper - that there are a handful of items that will make camping even more pleasant - like a thicker memory foam mattress, better pillows and more things to help with organization (life is always easier when things are organized!).

Don't get me wrong...the storms over the weekend and sleeping in a new bed still left me exhausted by the time I got home today, but not as exhausted as past camping trips in a tent...Has anyone else found ways to change fun outdoor activities to make them more managable and pleasant so you are still able to continue despite your fibro?

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