Saturday, August 25, 2012

Is summer really creeping to an end? ALREADY??

Boy, once again, summer has flown by WAY faster than I wanted it to! And...for those of us here in Minnesota, it is State Fair time. What does that mean, well, for me it means a great day out with my hubby - but it also means a whole lot of food temptations that I will most definitely pay for if I'm not careful! I love fair time and used to love trying all the new and most outrageous foods they came up with each year, sadly I've had to change my favorite fair past-time to people watching as I can't eat most of the "new" and "crazy" new foods they have figured out how to put on a stick here in MN...

I was thrilled to learn a couple weeks ago that on the list of the 40 new foods at the fair, that there were a number of Gluten Free options joining the ranks. What I was even more excited about was when I got there today and not only tasted the yummy goodness (risotto poppers and chocolate cupcake) at French Meadow Bakery, but also how many people were ordering the gluten free goodness. I hope that means that next year will have EVEN MORE!! Thank you Minnesota State Fair for thinking of those of us with gluten intolerances and allergies!! WE APPRECIATE IT!!

Risotto Poppers @ French Meadow Bakery at the MN State Fair - they were yummy!!

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